MaxOne's Goal Setting feature is optimizing the digital training available in MaxOne's digital coaching platform. The Goal Setting feature is found under the Training Libraries tab within each activity that is measurable. This where you'll be able to assign goals to specific athletes for specific activities. You can also access Goal Setting from the Athlete's tab found under Team Management.

Set Goals Through Activities

  1. Open up your Training Libraries tab and click any of your training libraries to access your activities.

  2. Click the dropdown on any activity that is measured by count, time, weight, MPH or distance.

    <aside> 💡 If an activity has participation marked under count, goal setting won't be available


  3. You will see 4 different icons in the drop down. Click the icon that looks like a target with an arrow.

  4. Once you click the target icon, you will see a list of your athletes and you will have the ability to input the goal (lbs, time, distance, etc.) for each of your athletes.

  5. Click Save

Set Goals by Athlete

  1. Navigate under the Team Management tab and click Athletes.

  2. Click on any athlete and you will see 3 icon options on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the target icon to view the athlete's goals.

  3. Click + Add Goal and you will see all of your activities pop up.

  4. Select the activity you would like to set a goal for and click Next.

  5. You can enter in their goal, latest measure, latest measure date and starting measure.

  6. Click Add Goal and the goal will be added to that athlete.

View Athlete Progress

  1. Navigate under the Team Management tab and click Athletes.