“Staying focused on the wins and losses beyond the scoreboard. Finding ways to have fun and keeping balance between family, work and football.”

-Paul Breitbach

“Adequate breaks. I’ve always felt doing something for practice that doesn’t consist of basketball is a great mental and physical break for all involved.”

-Justin Steinbrock

“I think it’s always good to have routines to keep you sane during the season. Besides the job duties, I think listening to podcasts, going on walks/drives, and spending time with your family is always good. You have to have other things besides basketball in your daily schedules or you will burn out without question. Schedule these things in advance and stick to your schedule. Put it in your phone with reminders of each activity.”

-Mike Procopio

“Having healthy relationships with your other coaches on staff as well as former and current coaches.’

-Brad Arends

“After Saturday morning film/weights I try to step away from the game on the weekends and spend time with my family. I may have a football game on TV during the weekend, but I make sure to focus on them since they don't see me much during the season.

-Bryan Nelson

“As a coach, finding that balance has always been difficult. You have to make time for yourself. Exercise is a great way. I will go for a walk for an hour and still be able to recruit as I walk. Delegation is important. Trust your staff and use their strengths.”

-David DeAveiro

“Remember to take time to smell the roses meaning get out enjoy your family, friends, schedule you some little moments of downtime.”